Talents Outlook

CFE believes that the development and management of the human resources is necessarily needed for the long and continues development of the enterprise. From the beginning to the end, we look upon the human resources as the first productive forces, and firmly confident in the idea of “people-oriented” management.
   CFE gives attention on the system and new mechanism of personnel management, and put importance in the development and education of human resources. Based on the need to establish modern corporate system and the need to adapt to the market economy, we gradually establish a people-oriented, open and fair competi-tion, creating better mechanism for selecting and appointing personnel, and setting up the rights and duties of supervision and restraint mechanism. CFE’s performance evaluation is consistent with the treatment of incentive mechanism. By means of specific benefits, training and jobs classification, we constantly improve the quality of human resources and optimizing personnel structure, which has succeeded in creating an excellent environment that respects knowledge, talents and favorable in nurturing our outstanding talents.

The measures and ways of establishing the high talented people:  
   * Recruiting in all school area.
   * Selecting only the best people.
   * Observing and learning from the international training system.
   * Implementing the job training and relearning system.
   * Competing for the job posts.
   * Combining management and technical training.
   * Setting up an ideal salary, welfare, insurance, and distribution system.

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